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HR & Management Articles

  • Employee Appreciation
    Do you appreciate your employees, or take them for granted? This is an extremely important question to ask yourself and the answer can have a profound impact on your bottom-line. This article outlines key ways you can show your appretiation and drive employee productivity.
  • Accomplishing Your Objectives With Strategic Staffing
    Your goals and long-term strategies are being challenged and modified by global competition, government regulation, the recession, and the explosive growth of new technologies. A strategic approach to workforce management is where you should start.
  • Behavioral Hiring
    Behavioral hiring is a process that assists hiring managers select people who are behaviorally suited for a particular position by analyzing both the position and the individual. This article provides an introduction to behavioral hiring.
  • Hiring ROI
    This article gives suggestions on how to gather an accurate measure of the “Return on Investment” of your hiring decisions. The article also shows how to single out pertinent hiring criteria to make better decisions in the future.